Welcome the Spring Equinox with Ritual

Jeff Oxford

We can sit in stillness and notice the earth beginning to thaw. Each morning a few more songbirds are heard upon awakening. Sunlight lingers longer into the evening and it is oh so welcomed to. Plants peak out as they begin their journey towards the light. They seem outwardly unstable as they reach for the sun in a playful way. Yet, they have such inner strength. Strength that cannot been seen upon glance, but it’s there. Life birthing deep in the soils.

We also start to awaken and no longer feel sluggish, our own blood quickens and we get a feeling of growth. A feeling to spring up. Just like the soils, life is birthing deep inside of us. What is going on can go unnoticed though. You cannot see the colors of spring just yet. What has laid dormant all winter and is starting to emerge? Are you living in balance with your physical self and your spiritual self? The Equinox can be the time to realign and recalibrate.

The waters are rushing and rising all around us. We can honor the return of water with a simple water ritual. Maybe you add a dish of fresh water to your altar or you sit near your favorite body of water and give deep appreciation. For if we did not have water, we would not have life. No seeds would sprout, no life would take root.

Sit with your hands over the water, give thanks, and feel her reciprocity.

Equinox blessings.