Grounding and Clearing for Empaths and Healers


Living on Earth requires learning how to navigate and transform many different kinds of vibrations. If you are a healer or an energy worker, it is crucial to know how to release dense energy once processed, in order to maintain strong personal health and energetic boundaries.

Most healers I know are also empaths. Being an empath is also a method of survival. We need to gather information from the quantum field around us, in order to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, and to process a wide gamut of vibrations. Sensitive empath souls tend to pick up more energetic information. One of trickiest things as an empath, can be to recognize what is your own energy and what is not. When unsure, it is best to do a clearing.


1. Soak in The Ocean

If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean, you have access to free salt water clearing. Salt and water combined is one of the best ways to clear dense energy. You can also do a salt cleanse at home, by taking an Epsom salt bath, (add in a few drops of rose or sage essential oil), or soak your feet in a bowl of Epsom salt. If you are working with people on a daily basis, this would be a good practice to do every night. Placing Himalayan salt lamps near your bed is also useful, and you may sleep better.

2. Use Sound with Intention

I frequently clear myself and my living space with sound, using simple and inexpensive Tibetan Tingshas. If I’ve had a hard day or are not feeling well, I may use bigger sound tools such as Tibetan or Crystal bowls, combined with prayer and chanting mantras. It is helpful to direct the energy by verbally asking for clearing. You may wish to connect with a higher being or an ascended master for help; such as Buddha, Christ, Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, or anyone else you feel connected to. Ask for help in raising your vibration and clearing the space around you.

3. Burn Sage, Copal, or Palo Santo Daily

This is also most effective when combined with your intent and a clearing prayer, preferably done at least once a day. If I am doing healing work on others, I will often Sage all day long. I also like burning Mexican Copal incense, commonly used in Mesoamerican cultures for warding off harmful spirits. Shamans Market now also carries Peruvian Palo Santo incense sticks which I am excited to try out. If you can’t have smoke around, Sage and Palo Santo also come in Sprays.

4. Get Grounded

Put your bare feet on the earth, and if possible, lay down on the ground for at least 10 minutes. Release any dense energy into the earth by taking slow deep breaths, and then ask the earth to transmute any negative energy you may carry, when you exhale. This is a very simple but effective practice. Visualize the earth carrying away any dark energy in your field, and neutralizing it. You will also get the benefit of discharging EMF pollution from your body.

5. Work With Crystals

Crystals are living, energetic beings that work best when activated with intention. Choose one that resonates with you, and then ask for its assistance. Here are 6 of my favorite crystals for sensitive souls that offer protection, clearing, and grounding:

– Black Tourmaline (grounding and protection)
– Sugilite (provides a protective shield of light)
– Fluorite (great clearing crystal)
– Black Obsidian (psychic protection and grounding)
– Labradorite (deflects harmful energies)
– Jet Stone (said to draw out negative energy from the aura)

6. Raise Your Vibes

This is what all the methods above aim for. It doesn’t always have to take elaborate rituals to clear unwanted energy. Admittedly, it can be a challenge raising your vibration when faced with adverse conditions or darkness. However, the best way to avoid picking up potentially harmful energy, is to vibrate at a higher level. Everything in the Universe has a frequency. You can overwrite any so-called negative vibrations by raising your own frequency first. This means connecting with feelings of love, joy, and gratitude. Gratitude is the closest vibration to love. If you are more advanced in raising your vibration at will, you may wish to connect directly with your higher heart center, and tune in with unconditional love – the best shield against any lower vibration.

Image by: Keenan Constance
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