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Rosario's Mayan Blend Resin Incense

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Shamans Market

Rosario's Mayan Blend Resin Incense is a mix of ethically sourced Copal blended with medicinal herbs. When burned, this blend produces an uplifting sweet, earthy, and clean aroma. 
Herbs: Star Anise, Chamomile, Fennel, Cinnamon, Ruda, Basil, Lemon Grass, and Mint. 
Burn for purification of a person or space and connect to nature and the universe.
2.5 oz. packaged in a clear cellophane bag made from wood cellulose fibers sourced with sustainable forestry principles, certified biodegradable, compostable and made carbon zero. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • The Mexican copal and medicinal herbs in Rosario's Blend Resin Incense are ethically sourced from our vendor Edgar Rodriguez Nava. Edgar is a born Mayan, who works with the medicines of the Mayan culture. He learned from his father, and his father's father. He is also teaching his son the ways of the Mayan medicines.  He holds temazcals, and many other types of Mayan ceremonies for the Mexican people. Edgar and his wife, Rosario, earn a living making and selling crafts in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. His crafts are mostly shamanic tools from his Mayan tradition.  
    Burning herbs and resins (aromatic tree sap) is one of the oldest form of incense. Long before there were sticks and cones, people would add fragrant botanicals to fire to create beautiful smelling smoke to entice their deities or to please themselves.  It is believed this is one of the most powerful means of working with herbs to imbue a space, an object or a person with holy qualities.
    To use our Shamans Market resin incense, ignite a charcoal tablet, such as Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets, and place the tablet in a fire-safe burning bowl. You may either set a piece of the resin incense directly on top of the hot charcoal table or grind to a fine powder and sprinkle on the glowing tablet.

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