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Wind Whistle

The wind often carries with it truths that only those attuned to the spirits can comprehend. Sacred tones are a major component of any ritual, whether it’s organized shamanic practice or even just meditating at home after a long and stressful day. The tones produced by a wind instrument are often the most effective, considering the ancient origins of such. This makes it beneficial to have a wind instrument of your own to help harness this ancient shamanistic power in an authentic way.

Our collection of wind whistles is replete with musical sound makers that can be used to produce haunting and powerful notes when played during sacred ceremonies and rituals. The wind music produced by these objects is as varied as the instruments themselves; we carry a number of wind instruments from the Andean tradition of Peru, including zampona pan pipes, thirteen-note pipes that are a favorite of Andean folk music; genuine reproductions of ancient Huaco Silbador Peruvian whistling wind vessels used in shamanistic rituals generations past, Nazca ocarinas from southern Peru, and beautifully crafted quenya flutes, all handmade in traditional methods and producing the kind of unmistakable sound you would expect from these beautiful wind instruments.

We offer smaller whistles to play as well, including a charming selection of Peruvian chirping water whistle sets that come in a variety of hand-painted colors and clay, handmade whistling owls, jaguars, birds, turtles, and dolphins designed to hang around your neck on their included cord. We even have a bamboo flute, a wind instrument that’s a cousin to the quenya but much easier to learn and master to produce beautiful sound, for those interested in moving some wind to produce mellifluous tones at your next ritual or event.

The sound of a wind instrument is unique and can help evoke and invoke spirits of the wind or ancestor spirits as well. Choosing a wind or instrument sourced by Shaman’s Market gives you the peace of mind to know that you’re supporting indigenous artisans that have been treated fairly for the products they make and that you’re helping to keep these ancient indigenous traditions alive. We’re proud of the decades of hard work we’ve done to develop these relationships with indigenous artisans so that we can support the needs of the spiritual community at large. Let the sound of your new wind instrument echo through your own sacred spaces, reproducing the sounds of Andean folk musical arrangements expertly and authentically.