Deep Medicine of Light


Summer solstice. It is time to step out into the light of your being. To open up to share this radiance, coming from deep within you. To remember the reason why you came here. So you could shine, and allow yourself to be all that you can be.

You are a luminous being of light, temporarily caught in this dream of having a body, a mind.. It’s beyond words, beyond comprehension, this magic trick we believe to be reality.

I want to remind you to connect with your deepest soul medicine. Take time to connect to the root of what truly feeds you. This is essential before we can serve and help others, and to show up fully in this life experience.

Besides, if you’ve never taken the medicine yourself, how can you heal others? The wounded healer is the best healer, because the medicine comes from the wound. That doesn’t mean we go out and try to heal others because we’ve experienced the same kind of pain, from a place of woundedness, but from within our own healing.

Deep healing takes time and the willingness to heal..

You will know when you are ready to share your medicine, when your wound has no more pain. It has transformed into love, compassion, and deep understanding. That’s the place you share your light and medicine from. Anything less would not work anyway.

When a Jivaro shaman in the Andes uses plant medicine, he takes the medicine himself, and not the patient. He journeys into a non-ordinary state of consciousness, so he can experience the origin of the illness, in the spirit realm, and then help the patient transcend his current state of consciousness.

It is his commitment to help that convinces the patient to find the willpower to be healed. Ultimately, the patient heals himself. The shaman simply leads the way, offering a guiding post – a higher vibration that the patient can choose to entrain with. Higher vibration overwrites lower vibration. Thus, all healing is really vibrational healing, or “re-alignment”.

Let this time of brilliant light be a mecca – a deeper embrace, a home for you to return to, a time to nourish your own light, so you can retrieve your soul medicine and help others.

With Summer Solstice Blessings,


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