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  • Palo Santo Incense Sticks $11.00
  • White Sage Smudge Stick - 3 sizes $8.50
  • White Sage Smudge Gift Box $25.00
  • Teomati Sacred Copal Incense Sticks $15.00
  • Palo Santo Cones & Pieces - 20 Cones $13.00
  • Blue Sage Smudge Stick - 4.5 inch $3.50
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  • Peruvian Myrrh Resin Incense $6.00
  • Palo Santo - Shredded Loose $3.00
  • White Sage Mini Smudge Stick - BULK/each $3.50
  • Medicine Wheel Offering Mix Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass Loose $13.00
  • White Sage & Rose Petal Smudge Stick $5.50
  • 7 Directions Smudge Stick $14.00

It’s always recommended to use incense of any kind in conjunction with a bowl or holder designed to catch incense ash and keep your environment safe. Avoid open flames when possible by using a small charcoal brick, which will help your incense burn longer and provide more smoke and scent into the air around you and your ritual space.

As an incense, white sage has been used by Native Americans for generations for keeping ritual spaces clean and purified. Yet incense is used across a number of shamanic traditions; we carry a wide selection of not just white sage incense sticks but other related products for aromatherapy and sacred space energy purification. From Cedar and Sweetgrass, Palo Santo wood to Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, and other incenses such as Nag Champa to Tibetan Red Sandalwood, you can find the aromatic you need in either a stick or in a loose ground form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will sage incense work for cleansing?

Sage is one of the most powerful tools for cleansing negative energy out of ritual and sacred spaces such as your home. In fact, white sage incense sticks, and other related items like Palo Santo incense sticks and essential oils, are all excellent methods for purifying negative energies from any space. However, it is important to use incense with intention if that is what you are trying to accomplish. If you simply find the scent pleasing but aren’t particularly concerned with an energy cleanse, this is, of course, just fine as well!

How do you cleanse your house with sage incense?

Energy cleansing with sage is a simple task, but one that requires you do it with purpose and intent. It’s accomplished by burning sage so that the smoke billows throughout your space. This is accomplished by lighting one end of your white sage smudge stick alight, allowing it to burn for a few moments, and then blowing out the open flame. The rest of the incense stick will continue to smolder and burn, emitting the fragrant smoke that sage is known for. You can then either walk around your ritual space with the burning sage to cleanse and purify it. However, you can also place burning smudge sticks in a small bowl filled partially with sand to keep the smoldering end upright. Then, when you are done, you can extinguish the stick by reversing it and burying the other end in the sand.