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    Peruvian 13 Moons Chumpi Stone- DISCOUNTED/2nds $90.30
  • Rhodochrosite Palm Stone $18.00
  • Blue Calcite Tower $73.00
  • Labradorite Tower $18.00
  • Serpentine Obelisk $14.00
  • Rose Quartz Tower $10.00
  • Andean Opal Heart $60.00
  • Chrysocolla Heart $92.00
  • Angelite Heart $15.00
  • Azurite Palm Stone $20.00
  • Selenite Tower $14.00
  • Amethyst Crystal Skull $14.00
  • Cosmic Jasper Sphere $93.00
  • Blue Calcite Stone $9.00
  • Agate Points with Druzy $28.00
  • Green Fluorite Cluster $50.00

Semi-precious stones and crystals have been used for generations in countless traditions for good reason: these objects are imbued with the resonance of Mother Earth in high concentrations. You can use crystals and stones as a focus for meditation, in spiritual rituals for healing, or simply for centering and stress relief. Energetically active and attuned to different chakras depending on their color and content, we offer sacred crystals that are cut and polished to perfection to increase this natural resonance.

Our crystals come in single cut points and point clusters as well as in round, flat shapes that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. From white, cloud, black, and rose quartz to selenite, pyrite, snowflake obsidian, and more, our stone collection is one of the most complete you’ll find anywhere. We also have an assortment of geometric cut crystal sets for practitioners of sacred geometry, polished chakra stone sets, electric glow light bases to display your crystals prominently in your home or your ritual space, and polished oval stone sets for Reiki practitioners. Whatever your shamanistic tradition, you can find ethically and fairly sourced crystals and stone rounds here at Shamans Market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a meditation stone?

Crystals used for meditation practice, sometimes referred to as palm stones or meditation crystals, are pieces of cut and/or polished semi-precious stones that can easily be held in the hand or placed as a focal point in a necklace or wand. These meditation crystals come in every color of the rainbow, with clear or smoky quartz being the most common. Other types of crystals, all of which have similar but important differences when it comes to the properties of the energies they interact with, include rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, turquoise, jade, jasper, and, in the case of our Peruvian Chumpi stone products, even contain carefully cut and polished meteorite.

What crystals do I need for meditation?

Choosing the right crystals for meditation requires understanding what you’re looking to get out of your meditation. Crystal quartz is a popular choice for healing crystals, particularly for chakra healing. Amethyst crystals are often thought to be perfect for cleansing and opening your third eye chakra specifically, while other, different crystals are better attuned towards different chakras. Ultimately, whatever crystal or stone speaks to you when you hold it in the palm of your hand and reflect upon it will be the most appropriate one to use for meditation or spiritual work.