Gratitude & How To Manifest Your Dreams

Jeff Oxford


“There is so much to be grateful for…” 

Everyone and their mother says it. Magnet quotes, birthday cards, and bumper stickers all say it too. Maybe you even have a daily gratitude practice that you write in a journal or speak out loud. But have you ever used the power of gratitude to manifest your dreams and desires?




The frequency of joy, happiness, and abundance is all the same, and it is our natural state. We were born to experience these frequencies through the human perspective but were not taught how to get there as human children. So buckle in… 



There’s a huge difference between having a gratitude practice and actually embodying gratitude. Having a gratitude practice is awesome but if you are simply stating or writing things you know you should be grateful for, but aren’t or can’t fathom gratitude for, then the practice is not that potent. Embodying gratitude feels like a breath of fresh air and an “ahh, yes” when you speak or think about those things. Embodying gratitude is different than having a gratitude practice because it is a state of being. 

Start with cultivating a daily gratitude practice and you will evolve into embodying gratitude in perfect timing. If you notice there’s a block between you and something you want to be grateful for but can’t, start with forgiveness and release.

When gratitude becomes your state of being, your manifestation practice will become infinite times more potent. Why? Because you’ll be living on the abundance frequency, where you’re in alignment with your values, you have more clarity about your desires. Now it’s time to call them in.




Think of one thing that you really want right now. Got it? Great. Now say it out loud… but wait, before you do- here’s the key:

When you speak this thing that you really want out loud, act as if you already have it. Make sure to express gratitude for having it, too.

“I am so grateful that I live on Maui!”

Repeat it out loud as many times as you need to until it feels complete.

Now it’s time to take this one step further. The thing is… the Universe only responds to clarity. So if the tone of your voice is uncertain during this practice, or your statement isn’t specific enough, the Universe is going to have a more difficult time co-creating your manifestation.

To develop your statement, YOU really have to be clear about what exactly you want. How do you want to feel like, look like, what friends do you want to have, what career, which relationships… within this desire?


Grab a pen and paper then jot down these areas of clarity.


  1. Money
    • Financial wealth, income goals
  2. Work
    • Career, business, service, contribution
  3. Inspiration
    • Travel, creativity, passions
  4. Social
    • Connection, community, friendships, relationships
  5. Spiritual
    • Soul, being, expression
  6. Mental
    • Mind, learning, wisdom
  7. Physical
    • Health, fitness, well-being


Now you can really piece together your manifestation statements. Write them down first, then speak them out loud until it feels complete. Say them aloud every day, write them on your mirror, heck even put reminders in your phone. Surround yourself with the frequency of your dreams. 

For example: 

“I am so grateful to live in a white, airy, open home in (town), Maui. I feel inspired to write my yoga eBook every day when I look out my window and see greenery all around and the ocean waves lapping the shore in the distance.”

“I am so grateful that I have created a community of like-minded spiritual humans here on Maui. I arrive at each of our beach potluck gatherings with joy beaming from my heart, reminding me that I am loved and cared for.”

“I am so grateful I have the opportunity to wake up and exercise at the gym every morning. Exercising makes me feel alive and ready to take on the day. I am grateful that I have a reliable car to get me there and a loving partner to come to and eat breakfast with.”

Feel the difference between that and “I am so grateful to live on Maui!”? Me too.



The Universe has your back no matter what. You are always going to be provided for… all you have to do is ask. Literally, the Universe WANTS to co-create the reality of your dreams.

But no matter how many times you use the practice explained above, your manifestation won’t come into fruition if you don’t take aligned action. This means if your dream has always been to open a healing center based around yoga and massage, sign up for that yoga teacher training. Put yourself in the position to be ready and open for your manifestations to unfold effortlessly.



We are the only ones who hold ourselves back. Sometimes we do it for years, even decades, until “enough is enough”.

But guess what? You’re here now, and it’s time. You are more than capable. You are ready. The Universe has your back. Go create the life of your dreams!