New Arrivals for Fall

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Hand Embroidered Shipibo Hoodies

Directly sourced from our fair trade Shipibo partners in Peru and newly arrived in our marketplace this fall are a favorite garment worn by nearly everyone: soft and versatile hoodies.  In a perfect blend of the indigenous with the contemporary, what makes these otherwise commonplace garments special is the elaborate hand embroidered stitching sewn onto them, embellishing the fronts of pockets, sides of sleeves, backs and hoods.


This intricate embroidery is the work of an indigenous Amazonian tribe known as the Shipibo. As shamanically based people, they are deeply influenced by the power of plants, animals and natural elements.

Known for their woven song tradition, the Shipibo “translate” their icaros, or healing songs, into geometric designs and then preserve them by deliberately and intricately embroidering or painting them onto textiles. Invoking protection, healing, abundance, and harmony, you can find these patterns on other Shipibo items too, such as jewelry, bags, rattles, and pottery. These colorful embroidered drawstring hoodies come in various sizes and colors and are made of cotton and poly blends, so they are washable and available in either front zip or pullover styles.

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