New Exotic Essential Oil From the Peruvian Amazon

Gabrielle Lucci

Introducing Moena Alcanforada

From Peruvian Amazon comes a new essential oil. Shamans Market is proud to partner with the non-profit organization Camino Verde in introducing Moena alcanforada Essential Oil to the world.  This new product in essential oils is derived from trees planted and lovingly tended at our partner’s reforestation center in the Peruvian Amazon.


The Tambopata Reserve is an important protected area recognized as a biodiversity hot spot and is considered by some to be the most biodiverse place on Earth and considered by definition to be irreplaceable.  Sadly, the region’s forests and rivers face increasing pressures from migratory agriculture, irresponsible lumber extraction and reckless gold mining.

This is where CV’s mission comes into play.  They promote sustainable ways of life and development for the rainforest.  By upholding the strictest standards of integrity and transparency, they are able to achieve simple and direct solutions, drawing inspiration from the natural world. Simply put, they plant trees and encourage others to do the same.

Camino Verde Team

Camino Verde Team

Since 2010, Camino Verde keeps Amazonian trees alive by researching and developing the essential oils contained in their leaves, bark, branches, wood and flowers — trees that would otherwise be cut for their timber or cleared to make way for roads or mining.  Many trees which are rich in sap or resin can yield this material for essential oils without harming being harmed, like a sugar maple can be tapped for its sugar.  The thinking is that if a tree can yield a valuable product, people are more likely to keep the tree alive.  By developing products from these trees, CV incentivizes local farmers to plant rather than fell these amazing-scented Amazonian giants.

Fortunately, the Amazon is a forest of many saps and aromas. Like other Amazonian hardwood trees, the Moena alcanforada contains a kind of chemical defense against its most common predators: fungi, bacteria, moisture and termites, in the form of oils and resins which are resistive to decay. Many plants and trees produce compounds that are medicinal or otherwise useful to humans—and they happen to smell wonderful. Moena alcanforada falls in the same family (Lauraceae) as cinnamon, bay laurel and avocado. Members of this family contain high concentrations of essential oils, some of which are valued for spices and perfumes.

The clear and thin Moena alcanforada essential oil is made entirely of steam distilled tree branches, leaves, and bark from limbs which are selectively pruned or which have fallen off. Known to be naturally cooling and purifying, like its cousin, Brazilian Rosewood, it is used to restore comfort and calmness to muscles and mind. Some Peruvians use it to reduce excess heat, either psychological/emotional heat such as anger, rage or irritability or physical heat from inflammation in muscles or joints.

Moena alcanforada essential oil can be used in massage by blending a few drops with any massage oil base to decrease tension, discomfort, and strain in the body, and replace with cooling comfort. Or it can be directly and deeply inhaled after rubbing it between your palms.  Use in cold compresses for aching muscles. Or diffuse its scent by itself or combined with other oils. It blends well with cedar wood, sandalwood, and citrus oils. Use with caution. As with some essential oils, Moena alcanforada may cause irritation, but can be diluted. It is not to be taken internally or ingested.  Your purchase of Moena alcanforada Essential Oil will pay dividends:  not only by supporting the protection of Peruvian Amazonian trees, local livelihoods, and a biodiverse hotspot, but by providing cooling to heated situations or conditions.

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