A Self Led Shamanic Ritual to Revive your Spirit

Jeff Oxford

Our gift is when our feet touched this earth in the human form.  For earth is the place we have the ability to experience ourselves in many forms.  We can witness our own capacity of unlimitedness, pushing beyond the boundaries of the programmed mind, and into the creative dimensions where we can play with energy and create the unbelievable that the human mind cannot understand.

In the Shamanic traditions, it is taught that when the body and soul are not well it is caused by a Spiritual illness. This happens when the visible evidence of words, signs, or hints that our Spirit leaves a trail for us is ignored. Also when our heart decides to create a waiting room for the emotions of an event where it was simply too much to process at the time.

Our Spirit can be thought of as our highest teacher, our healer, and all knowing. Spirit is always trying to reach us we just need to become quiet enough to listen through our body.

I have always had the seed in my heart to know the Divine, to know myself at the Soul and Spirit level, to understand how women of thousands of years ago worked with rituals and ceremonies for healing, for evolving and connecting to the Pure Light above within us.  I have a knowing in my soul that I was born for this, to understand the beauty and mystery of who we really are beyond the human form.  What started off as a healing journey has turned into a lifetime of mystery, magic, and pure amazement.

This path is not straight for those who choose to know themselves as a Divine Spirit.  The path offers twists, turns, and treasures to discover. The ones who came before us discovered how to access the Spirit and Soul we all have within us.  They learned the healing technologies, the mysteries of the Human Self and all the Spirit pathways within oneself to access the subtle realms of Self.

I have studied many cultures to understand the ways to do so, I believe I have many lifetimes yet of studies.  It was only when the studies were applied as experiences could I decide which path felt right for me to start down. I will share that most paths had guided me back to myself to teach me how to access this healing, trust, faith, and soul belief that I was more than my eyes could see, that it confirmed that the visions I received for my own healing, and for others were as real as you and me in our human form.

This is why I know that your Spirit can assist with human suffering, guidance and so much more. I never like to feel or see a human suffer especially when I know now that we can heal ourselves, we can overcome almost anything, the Human Spirit can perform miracles.  For when the Soul and Human needs assistance you can start to reach out to your Spirit, and your Spirit will act on your behalf to call in those resources just for you to assist you.

If you are a lightworker by profession or an everyday light to others, please take this practice and offer it to those who may need some support.

Wherever you are on your journey, healing, happy, evolving if you stay connected to your Spirit you will always feel safe, you will always see a light guiding you.  Remembering how to follow the quietness of whispers in your heart instead of ignoring them, the soul impulses that guide you like a compass instead of walking the other direction.

We were always intended to evolve to the highest states here on earth I hope these engaging rituals begin to remind you who you are beyond the human body. Rituals engage us fully utilizing our human senses as a portal to revive our Spirit.

Absorb yourself fully into this ritual and allow the ritual to provide a view of yourself perhaps you have never experienced. Allow your Spirit to arise, join and engage in the ritual with you.  Gift yourself ritual always.


Invoke your spirit to join you.  Call upon the unseen in the vapors of the air in-between this world and the one we cannot see; there your Spirit awaits.  Your spirit is around you, above you witness you, waiting to finally hear your voice calls its name.

Go now to your sacred place where you have an alter setup.

Bring myrrh resin, a handbell, a sound bowl, sweet smelling flowers of your choice, gardenia essential oil (uniting lost friends) and a bowl filled with spring water.

  • Ring your bell to call upon your Spirit to be with you. I usually ring the bell and state I am ready to be with you once again my Spirit, honor me with your presence.
  • Present your welcoming gift of myrrh resin allowing the smoke to reach the place beyond the human eyes but to the Spirit Space. Inhale the myrrh deeply and offer the smoke to your Spirit above you.
  • With your bowl of water add a few petals of the flower and 5 drops of the essential oil.
  • Alchemize and infuse the water with the power of your Soul
    • Close your eyes, allow your body to breathe for a few minutes.
    • Draw the infinity symbol over the water.
    • Allow your breath to sink to your lower belly, as you breathe in and out feel the energy mixing in your medicine bowl within you in the lower belly.
    • Take a deep inhale bringing that breath all the way from the bottom of your belly to the throat and allow the sound mmmm to vibrate in your throat.
    • Take another deep inhale and open your mouth and blow out from your throat into the bowl of water. Do this three times. Close your eyes and sit for a minute.
    • Anoint yourself above the third eye with the bowl of water.
    • The Second Spirit Point will be on the chest. To locate this move to the crease in between your breast in the middle of your chest, then move up this crease just above the nipple of the breast, move outwards about 3 inches from the crease and apply pressure.  Once you find the spot dip your fingers in the bowl of water and add to the spirit point hold pressure for about 3 minutes. This is the space on the chest to revive the spirit. After 3 minutes rest your hands and listen, feel, and sense what is coming through.  You may start to smile, feel a sense of love pouring in or even receive visions.
    • Stay here for a while and commune with your Spirit and receive all that it has to offer.


  • When you close the space as you started you shall end. Thank your Spirit in a way that feels good to you.  Perhaps write about what you experienced and then ring the bell to close the ritual.

This ritual was for you to reconnect with your own Spirit presence so that you may know yourself at this deeper level.

In love always, Corrina Choe, Medicine Seer, Shamanic Lightbody Practitioner

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Some supplies featured in this ritual:

Myrrh Resin Incense


Singing Bowls