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Vibrational essences incorporate the use of energies within living organisms such as plants, water, sunlight. Almost everything we touch and see around us has a living pulse inside of it. We need look no further than the planet we live on to take advantage of its natural vibrational remedies to help us balance the energies within our own bodies.

Made from flowering plant specimens found all over Peru–in the jungles, desserts, and different powerful sites around the Sacred Valley of the Incas, every one of them has a special story of how they came to be chosen.  

We carry 36 different kinds of Peruvian Flower Essences! Here we highlight just a few of our favorites:

  • Piñon Braseleyo:  Offers support if you have many ideas that you cannot turn into plans or action due to fear or lack of energy; supports self-esteem to generate energy to the psyche; helps ease the drain of the mental body on the physical.
  • River Begonia:  Helps with fears of the unknown and of new beginnings; opens you to new paradigms and ways of understanding life; allows new energies to circulate through the meridians.
  • Rainforest Polypore:  Helps us accept and see value in life’s challenges and feel grateful for them while they are happening; allows us immediate access to growth and learning in the midst of any struggle, pain, loss or illness.
  • Machu Picchu:  For individuals or groups who wish to awaken spiritually; gives assistance when energies and enthusiasm wane; for times when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or confused in your spiritual work; transmits energies to support your constitution and increase your ability to move forward. Use this environmental essence in ceremonies to expand beyond the borders of earth into the cosmos, tap into specific star energies and explore the potential of extraterrestrial life. Experiment with chanting and different forms of dance and movement to enhance the action of this essence.
  • Incan Citrine:  This essence enhances energy during ceremonies that focus on group or community healing. Use this essence in prayers to heal family divisiveness and for peace and harmony in your community.
  • Mountain Gloxinia:  An essence for empaths; offers support if you lose energy when you spend time around people; strengthens your reflex to hold boundaries against personality types who take energy; supports the self in discerning between healthy and unhealthy personalities; will help you hold healthy boundaries without judgement or self reprisals.
  • Andean Quartz:  Helpful in manifestation practices to enhance the power of your wish or desire; enhances crystalline properties in the body, especially in the nervous system; encourages a synchronized pulse rhythm through the chakras; supportive if you experience emotional extremes; enhances creativity by giving expression to the emotional body.
  • Andean Amethyst:  Energetically enhances activity of the pituitary, augmenting vision and visionary capacities; for strengthening intuition and past-life recall; supportive if you feel cut off from society and unable to integrate into groups; helps with self esteem issues; especially helpful if you are scientifically-minded and wish expand your point of view into divine realities.
  • Zapitito:  Offers support if you are feeling directionless or lost in your life; for times when previous goals no longer feel fulfilling; helps you develop either a long-term vision or immediate, short-term goals. A great essence for vision quests.
  • Hematite/Quartz:  This essence is helpful for drummers and can be used in drumming circles, as it allows the rhythm to gently guide the vision or journey.
  • Siparum Jahyanta:  Helps you understand the presence of karma in your life and how all actions call to nature for a response; offers support if your anger festers into thoughts of revenge; helps you learn to give unconditionally. Use this essence in journeys to the upper world forest or rainforest. You can take it to work more deeply with tree energy and to connect to the spirit of the forest for advice or healing.
  • Andean Malachite:  An essence for detoxification and purification; strengthens the heart chakra and supports manifestation practices; can help you move through periods of self-absorption into altruism; helps to increase a sensitivity to others’ problems along with a desire to be of service.
  • Yurac Ttica:  Use this essence in water ceremonies to journey to the spirit of the water and ask for help in making inner changes. This essence can enhance both new and full moon ceremonies.
  • Sobralia Blanco:  Use for downheartedness, discouragement or sadness; helps with processing grief; use for energy loss from emotional upsets; offers hope and encouragement.llular level. Recognizing and honoring the presence of Spirit.
  • Rhodochrosite:  Use this essence when you are learning lucid dreaming or developing out-of-body skills. Take it in the evening just before sleep or put 3 drops in a glass of water near your bed to enhance your dreaming experience.
  • Camu Camu:  Suggesting a sense of self-protection; helps with energetic discernment; ideal for empaths who lose energy around people or for those who attract drama; provides a deep sense of self and helps to clarify what is needed in each moment.
  • Ceiba Tree:  Use this essence in journeys to access ancestral grandmother energy. This essence offers protection during journeys to upper or lower worlds and is best taken during the spring full moons. Helps you overcome feelings of isolation or loneliness and manage aloneness and socialization; helps with certainty regarding social needs; imbues a deep feeling of strength and comfort; helps resolve family conflicts between generations.
  • Bomarea:  Use this essence in journeys to receive visions regarding your destiny or life purpose. Visions come through the senses as pictures, words, music, smells and kinesthetic changes. It is best to journal your experiences with this essence - see the collection of visions as a puzzle.

These high frequency vibrational flower essences address healing as well as evolution, with an ultimate goal of PEACE, within ourselves and on our planet. They are made with love and their gifts are a blessing.


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Kristen Lagos

Marketing and Keeper of the Crystal Forest at Shamans Market Kristen manages all things marketing at Shamans Market. She’s always been captivated with spirituality and nature in all their forms and has studied quite a bit of both. She is a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and is continuously learning and growing. She likes to climb rocks, swim in the great lakes, and dance in the forests.