Your Portal To The Stars: Planetary Transits for March 2020

Jeff Oxford

Vedic Astrologers work with the 27 Nakshatras or Stars. These are the Lunar signs and thus more intuitive and than the 12 Sun signs. The Nakshatras are used to fine tune horoscopes and predictions, allowing for an extra layer of depth and meaning. This article has been written with the Nakshatra Essences in mind. 

In these monthly astrology reports we will follow the planetary transits, so you can check when certain Nakshatras are activated and what the likely result will be.

Depending on your own individual birth chart some of the transits will be great opportunities, others may be challenging.

Taking the appropriate Nakshatra Essence at the right time can greatly help to protect us from the negative influence of difficult transits. In this case a Nakshatra Essence will act as a remedy. It will give us deeper understanding and acceptance and will help us act upon the situation in a wise and appropriate way.

By the same token, when a great planetary opportunity comes along, we can take the indicated Nakshatra Essence to become fully aware of the Star energy and thus make the most of the opportunity.

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 March 2020 Transits

This month starts with a rare opportunity for inner exploration and for rejuvenation of our spiritual practices with Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu (the South Node) in Sagittarius.

A Jupiter Ketu conjunction is the most excellent placement for meditation and introspection, particularly in Sagittarius. It is a time for exploring our subconscious, past lives, and our deeper belief systems. So please, no matter what is going on in the world, and the world stage sure isn’t pretty, make use of this rare transit. 

Mars will give extra energy and discipline in any yoga practice. Mars and Jupiter will be in Purva Ashada Nakshatra in the first part of this month. Pluto is also part of this mix and may give some transformative insights.

Nakshatra Essence to assist in energy and wisdom in conjunction with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto this month



Mercury starts the month retrograde in Aquarius, until the 10th, in the Nakshatra of Shatabhisha. Do not rely too much on internet communication. Electricity supply may be disrupted for some of us too, perhaps due to lightning strikes. It is a better time to go inward to heal and explore our sorrows, secrets, and suspicions, or sit in a shamanic circle for inner healing. Mercury in Shatabhisha gives us the opportunity to explore where we have made mistakes and then communicate our truly heartfelt apologies where necessary.

For Mercury retrograde this month take this Nakshatra Essence


When the Moon meets Rahu (North Node) in the Nakshatra of Ardra on March 4th, it will activate a prior difficult situation or event, as mentioned above. (whatever that might be for you individually) But this time you might want to act on instinct, strike back or destroy something in the hope to resolve the issue. Beware of taking any actions based on desire or emotion that day, things are not as they seem as Rahu is the Graha of illusion and deception.

Nakshatra Essence to take for Rahu (desire, temptation, dissatisfaction)


The Full Moon will occur on the 9th at 5.50 pm UT in the Venus-ruled Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni, the Star of Fortune. It is time to relax, be happy and enjoy the fruits of your labors. This is a very creative Nakshatra, your creative endeavors will be successful and bring you pleasure. It’s good for romance too.  Jupiter, the indicator of children, looking at the Nakshatra of procreation is an excellent opportunity for those of us hoping to become pregnant. This must be the best Moon of the year to conceive! Besides, the Full Moon in Purva Phalguni is certainly party time! With Jupiter aspecting this Moon, enhancing the whole situation, and Venus in a sign of courage and action, we might go overboard a bit on the party vibe.

Nakshatra Essence to enhance the Full Moon energy this month.




The New Moon, always the start of a one month cycle, will be on March 24th at 9.30 am UT. It will occur in the Sign of Pisces in the Stars of Uttara Bhadrapada.

The energy of this Nakshatra can bring great bliss and blessings.

Qualities of sacrifice, empathy, renunciation, and virtue are needed to bring out the heavenly blessing that Uttara Bhadrapada wants to bestow upon us.

These are the Stars of the accomplished Yogi. So note that this New Moon is a fantastic opportunity to start a retreat or a secret practice. Seclusion, shamanic ritual or yogic practice will give brilliant results during this Moon cycle! Whatever you feel you might have to do on a higher level, do it now. Saturn is aspecting this Moon, adding a sense of seriousness and a greater willingness to do the work.

Enhance the beautiful energy of this New Moon with this Nakshatra Essence


We will suddenly feel a sense of restriction on whatever we are doing when Mars moves into Capricorn on March 22nd.  Now we will have to deal with the nitty-gritty of hard work, keeping to the regulations, paying the bills on time, etc. If the Covid-19 Virus is still in action by then, I expect to see some government action towards greater restrictions on travel and commerce and more quarantine regulations. Or some other event will call for strict laws and clampdowns. 

Mars will conjunct Pluto and Saturn (from 22nd onward) in the Nakshatra of Uttarashada, which will make everyone feel invincible. Expect a Big Bang of rebellion and revolution. There may be attempts to overthrow governments and the powers that be. 

Of course, you can apply this scenario of rebellion, dissolution, and renewal in your own personal life. Change is on the cards for better or worse. Uttarashada is a wise, responsible and obedient Nakshatra, hopefully we will all behave with wisdom to make this change happen without descending into chaos. The changes set in motion during this time, whether they are personal or on the world stage, are likely to be permanent.

To handle this explosive combination of planets with wisdom and patience, use this Essence



Jupiter will join this party on the 30th. More on this next month.

The planet Venus will be in Aries most of this month, aspected by Jupiter. She will be pursuing pleasure, beauty, and love in a big way and with extra passion and impatience while traveling through the Nakshatra of Ashwini (up to the 12th) where she wants it all and wants it right now. Here she acquires healing qualities. Healers will love and enjoy their work a lot and love will have healing powers during this time.

Then, from 12th to 24th, Venus will be in Bharani Nakshatra where she is strong and experiences the highs and lows of life and learns to understand the secrets of birth and death. We may face some extremes with our loved ones during this time.

On the 28th, after this wild ride, Venus will move into the sign of Taurus, where she is very comfortable and at ease.

Enhance your Venus (love) this month with these Nakshatra Essences


The intense Solar Eclipse of December 26th  in the Nakshatra of Mula last year activated many natural disasters (fires, floods, volcanoes) and the Covid-19 Virus outbreak. This eclipse point was activated by the Mars transit around mid-February again. If your individual birth chart indicates that you are affected by this transit, you may have experienced some shocking or difficult events or situations in your life last month.  

Nakshatra Essence for the long term effect of the solar eclipse and Ketu

Lastly, mid-month the Sun will move from Aquarius into Pisces. It will then receive aspects from both Mars and Saturn, again indicating restrictions on and/or from authority figures. What would usually be a time of hope and progress and in the Northern hemisphere the beginning of spring may be marred by some frustrations. Not to worry though, our big bright Sun will outshine any setbacks soon enough.


Purva Ashada First part of March Jupiter Ketu conjunction
Arda March 4 Rahu
Purva Phalguni March 9 Full Moon
Uttara Bhadrapada March 24 New Moon
Uttarashada March 22 Mars
Ashwini Until March 12 in Venus
Bharani March 12-24 in Venus
Shatabisha Until March 10 Mercury Retrograde
Mula Since Dec 26 Mars Transit


Happy Spring Equinox!  

Be Well. May your month of March be filled with Joy, Wisdom, and Peace. Greetings from Ireland

~ Madhuri ~

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