Connecting to your Cosmic Self

Bryan Bigelow

Who is your cosmic self?

 As a human being, you are not only an inhabitant of the Earth, you are also part of the greater Cosmos.

You're made of stars. But how do you connect to this in your everyday life?


Resourcing ourselves in times of change

Living through huge, intense shifts on our planet, we are going through a ‘changing of the guards’ – and we all know it’s not easy. Connecting with the unseen world and your soul self can take you beyond the chaotic perspective of the times we are living in and give you access to resources beyond what you’ve dreamed of.

On the shamanic path, we recognize that we dream the world into being. We know that we are as divine as the sky and the stars, and we can wake up to this in ourselves by seeing the divinity in all living things.

Our ancient selves knew this relationship intimately, and it was an effortless part of everyday life. In these fast-moving and turbulent times, the challenge is to anchor the vibrations of our cosmic selves so that we can channel light onto this planet in the way only we uniquely can. 

If you’ve ever wondered what you’re here for and what your purpose is, your cosmic self is the key. This part of you, that goes beyond this lifetime and any of your current daily roles, holds a wealth of information. Accessing this realm can help you discover the truth you have been encoded with to birth into this physical reality. A truth that the world needs more than ever now.

Here are a few ways to experience your cosmic self: 

  • Look at the stars at night and bask in their beauty. Take a long, slow and mindful starlit walk and be guided by the star beings as you open yourself to wonder and a sense of the vastness of the universe. If you live in the city, get out into the countryside regularly, away from electric lights, and attune to the cycles of the moon. You can start to focus on particular constellations of stars that draw you or let your eyes go soft and simply drink in the starry light. 
  • Charge your drinking water with the moon, particularly the full moon. You can also do this with any crystals you have, placing them in a bowl under the full moon after cleansing them. This also helps to connect with the gratitude for the living waters across our planet, which hold inherent wisdom and connect us all. 

  • Give regular time to devotion, prayer and working with altars or sacred spaces. You can create a simple space in your home or garden that holds objects of significance for you and change it with each new moon cycle that begins. Use this space to ask for guidance from the unseen realms, then listen for the messages in response over the days that come. They could come from anywhere – but pay particular attention to the nature around you. It will speak to you. Take one step at a time with trust and surrender to the larger part of you. 

  • Explore the feminine practice of working with the moon cycle, paying attention to the waxing and waning of the moon and how your own energy responds to these shifts. If you have a female body, you can include an awareness of your menstrual cycle if you have one. Creating a soft sacred space and listening deeply at the time of the new moon or the monthly bleed to the whispers of your cosmic soul will seed your life with new insights and aligned direction. 

  • Connect to the Cosmic Mother who holds us all. She brings a deep relaxation and trust in life, holding the feminine energies of nurturance and love. There are many ways to do this, for example, through chanting or ritual. Most simply, you can connect to your heart and meditate on this inner temple space, receiving the love of the Mother and asking how you can be of service in the world to bring this love to more hearts. 
  • Explore your birth stars, a vital key to your cosmic self. The constellation of stars closest to the moon at your birth is considered your Birth Star, and this is how the cosmic realm dances with you throughout your life. You may think of it as your celestial signature.


You can take your own personal pilgrimage to these stars through vibrational essences created with their energy in sacred temple spaces. For example, Swati connects us to the frequency of the Star Beings and brings a profound cosmic connection. The Twenty-Seven Constellations Essence reminds us of the untold joys and blessings we have received from the stars through our journey of life. These essences give you a direct and conscious link with the Star Beings and their specific energies and teachings, opening you up to your cosmic self. They also make your rituals to connect with the moon and stars more potent. See which essences resonate with you.