The Shamans Market Team

Bryan Bryan


He’s the reason we are all here. He is a pro when it comes to humming and his favorite words are ‘yaayyy’ and ‘wooohooo’. Loves walks in the woods and weekends "up north".

Kristen Kristen


Kristen creatively directs the brand. Loves to be on the dance floor, hiking forests, paddling lakes, or reading poetry. She's also obsessed with her dog and convinced she's a home chef.

Joshua Joshua


A lover of Emily, cats, art and trying to figure it out. Joshua develops products like our concrete incense burner line. He also shoots photos and video for us.

Kali Kali


Organizer extraordinaire! Kali takes care of all things inventory, assists with customer service and order fulfillment, and she's our party planner! A creative, sweet soul, an artist, and children's book author/illustrator who loves to travel and spend her time with her wife and daughter.

Brett Brett


Brett is our shipping coordinator, making sure your orders arrive to you correctly and timely. He's a tea enthusiast and likes to play tabletop/video games with his partner and friends. Brett is also active in the local LGBTQ+ community and enjoys participating in fundraisers.

Deanna Deanna


A songbird that loves singing in her kitchen while cooking food that nourishes her family and friends. Deanna provides help with our product production - carefully crafting, measuring, and packaging our most loved products. At home, she cherishes spending quality time with her husband and daughter.

Indya Indya


Crystals, plants, and animals make Indya's world go around when she's not making our various products. On any given day with fair weather you can find her somewhere in the great outdoors with her loyal dog and friends collecting things to bring more of the outside, inside. When the weather turns, you'll find her inside with a good video game, a great incense, and an even better cup of tea. She's a firm believer in keeping it simple and living life to the fullest!

Heather Heather


The maker of our Annointing Oils Heather is a licensed massage therapist and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teacher and ceremonial artist. 

Georgia Georgia


The creator of our Nakshatra Essences. It is at the core of who Georgia is to channel energy, create alchemy and make medicine.

Michele Michele


A fashionista with a love for sweaters and Steven Tyler. She’s in love with her animals and will probably fall for yours too. She hand makes a few of the incense sticks we carry. Michele is also very passionate about safe birthing spaces and is pursuing midwifery.