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A Brief Introduction

by Gabrielle Lucci

Shamans Market was pleased recently to meet with Felisha Gold, practitioner and teacher of a type of meditation referred to as Embodied Meditation. The following is an excerpt from our interview.

SM: Good day, Felisha and thank you for being here. “Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind and/or induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit, although it can be argued meditation is a goal in and of itself.” This is briefly how Wikipedia defines meditation. Yet, the term meditation really refers to many different kinds of practices with many different goals, such as relaxing, or achieving closeness to God, or taking astral journeys, to mention a few. Other meditation practices help us develop virtues such as compassion, love, forgiveness or to achieve an indestructible sense of well-being. So, first of all, tell us how you would characterize Embodied Meditation?

FG: Embodied Meditation is a healing practice of soul essence. It is based on a knowing that humans have been separated from their soul self and their true energetic skills and abilities that go with that. The basic practice enables us to activate and gather enough of our soul essence, through which then we can begin to decode the energetic and material world, opening then the doorway for each of our soul brilliance to emerge into the world.

SM: That sounds so wonderful.

FG: Doesn’t it? And there are many other benefits to the practice.

SM: Such as?

FG: Embodied Meditation has multiple levels of practice. Some are 24/7 energetic practices which support living in our intuitive flow making actions in life easy.

SM: So let’s look at the three key principles of being. You already introduced the concept of embodiment or the soul within our bodies. Can you expand on that?

FG: In Embodied Meditation three key principles are the first to be experienced and learned.

Soul Orientation, the soul’s photon light code initiates and directs the individuals Embodied Practice.

Second principle – Container, to have life there must always be a mechanism of relationship. A structure must be present for this. Like the cells in our bodies must have a cell membrane working to be in relationship to the rest of our body. So must we have our energetic structures working to be in relationship. In one of the Embodied Meditations, our container is the outside edge of our auric field. This must learn to function much like our cell membranes within our body, communicating to all things.

The third principle is the Connection to Earth and Sky Energies. This puts us in field relationship to planet earth and allows us to understand our position on earth.

SM: Tell us a little about soul orientation.

FG: Soul orientation is just that. Everything must go through the soul essence. It is the true uniqueness of the person. No one ever feels complete unless their soul essence is allowed to direct their energetic fields and express those into manifest form through being in body.

SM: And what is soul essence gathering and how does it fit in?

FG: Once the energetic structures are maintained by the few sparks of the soul essence that created the body then the rest of the soul essence begins to trust, in a sense it is a soul trust. The rest of the energy of the soul, it is across time and space and their incarnations here on earth begin literally to line up. We literally pull it in to our self to emerge in our body structure on a photon light level. We call this the gathering of inner light.

SM: What are the origins of Embodied Meditation practice? How did it begin?

FG: The practice began through Kiera Laike’s own connection to her own soul essence, the information that she had gathered over many lifetimes and remembered through gathering her own soul essence on a photon light level, in this life time. Kiera Laike is an Interrelated Embodied Realm Walker, a teacher, a healer. Kiera says “The search for purpose is answered in the awakening to your own soul essence pool within the human form and through understanding the mechanisms of connection therein”.

SM: Embodied Meditation sounds like a wonderful way to connect to one’s soul. How can one learn more about Embodied Meditation Practice?

FG: By visiting the Embodied Meditation website at www.EmbodiedMeditation.com or by sending an email to me at felisha@EmbodiedWellnessCenter.com. I welcome any questions.

SM: Thanks for introducing us to this fascinating meditation form. It was lovely to speak with you today.

FG: My pleasure.

The ocean in me reflects in the sky in you,


The ocean in you reflects in the sky in me.

We end with this as our constant reminder that it is our goal to be in reflective relationship. We know reflective relationship is in the highest order of being. Everything within the universe in some way manifests and holds all the mechanisms of reflective relationship.

Photo by Leea Gorell.

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