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“Words are beautiful but restricted. They’re very masculine, with a compact frame. But voice is over the dark, the place where there’s nothing to hang on: it comes from a part of yourself that simply knows, expresses itself, and is.” – Jeff Buckley

Last week I was stuck walking amidst a traffic jam to my right, and a very loud marching band to my left, in central Mexico – undoubtedly one of the loudest countries in the world! There was no way to escape the piercing noise pollution and chaos. I was feeling physically sick and upset. At that moment, I began connecting with my own voice by humming softly, and producing a soothing tone within that calmed the dissonance I was feeling. My hum was barely audible but it activated a core vibration that instantly cooled the turbulent emotional state I started off with. By the time I was out of the chaos I felt more balanced, and practically unaffected by the auditory horror show I just went through.

Since the beginning of history, shamans have sung medicine songs to heal. Many ancient creation myths from cultures across the planet tell the story of how sound gave birth to the world.

Shipibo shamans receive their curative medicine songs called Icaros, directly from the plant spirits, with the understanding that everything in existence has a song; ALL is sound. Icaros can be either whistled or vocalized in words.

The voice is your connection to spirit; your sound is your prayer, and carries your intentions for healing. Singing with the intention to heal dissolves fears and boundaries, leading to a greater sense of connection with spirit. Connecting with your own voice opens up this space inside of you.. where anything is possible!

Many scientific studies have been conducted on the healing effects of the human voice, and singing has been shown to lower blood pressure, activate the immune system, and stimulate brain cells, among countless other benefits.


I have experienced many miracles in my own life, thanks to the human voice. The voice once me brought me back to life from a certain death. I was bedridden for three months, and had lost the will to live. Nothing seemed to be working, and I was ready to give up and leave. My inner voice guided me to listen to overtone chanting by Tom Kenyon, who channels a group of higher dimensional beings known as Hathors. Within a few weeks of listening to this abstract river of sound, something shifted in my consciousness, and I began returning to the memory of my higher purpose, and why I was still alive on this planet.

The human voice is the original and most potent healing instrument everyone has access to. Everyone has a core pitch – a rare and unique tuning that keeps you balanced and in harmony – that keeps you healthy. Dissonant vibration manifests in the physical body as disease. When your body vibrates in harmony, you are healthy.

Tibetan monks and Indian yogis alike have used chanting as one of their primary healing tools for centuries. Chanting helps stimulate the emission of endorphins in the brain, giving rise to enhanced awareness, deeper peace and meditative states.



If you need words to connect with your voice, here is an ancient Egyptian mantra attributed to the Hathors, that was used as a prayer for the four elements. The sound EL is for the earth, KA for fire, LEEM for water, and OM for air or spirit. Try chanting this mantra with any melody that feels good to you. You can even hum it inwardly, resonating the sound of your voice inside you.


Another simple but powerful mantra is the Sanskrit “So Hum”, which roughly means “I am”.


Make some sounds! Even if your voice is a silent whisper, or a barely audible hum. It is your voice, and nobody else has the same voice. This voice is an endless wellspring of healing – and it’s free. Play around with producing various sounds – hum, make up a melody, chant, or just sing any song that makes you feel good. By doing so you are connecting with the healing power of your own sound. You will know when you have connected with your unique core pitch when producing this sound makes you feel good, and it leaves you feeling simultaneously calm and energized.

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