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As we thoughtfully add to our offerings of quality whole food supplements at Shamans Market, we are always gratified to find that some of the most satisfying foods we discover are those also best for us. We can appreciate why the British find such pleasure in their tea time, and we also treasure those moments when we sit back and soothe out the wrinkles of the day with a steeping cup of tea, especially knowing the benefits that result.

We are pleased to share with you one of our favorite additions to our product line, Chaga and Reishi mushroom powders. We are offering these products through our newly launched inBody Foods brand.  Unfortunately, we only have limited quantities of both, due to the limited availability of these high quality mushroom powders.

Chaga Mushrooms 


Chaga  King of Medicinal Mushrooms








If you have never tried tea made of Chaga mushroom powder, you’ll know it has a pleasant earthy, bark-like taste. Its inherent sweetness is said to remind one of kukicha tea. The many antioxidants in tea made with Chaga powder provide a boost to the immune system and provide a number of additional benefits.

This is a popular choice for those seeking to add to their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral foods and drinks. Others point to some claims and research of an ability to fight some cancers, and Chaga is recommended by others for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. In fact, the Chaga mushroom is often used to make disinfectant soaps.

In fact David Wolfe, leading authority on raw-food nutrition refers to Chaga as the “King of Mushrooms in his book of the same name for it storehouse of medicinal properties.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi Mushroom Growing in Medicinal Mushroom Farm

The extract of theReishi mushroomhas long been valued for its medicinal properties. While many find the tea made from this powder is something of an acquired taste, others simply flavor it with honey, natural juices, or ginger. It’s worth the effort to find the right mixture you find pleasing, as a daily cup of this tea offers a range of benefits.

The anti-inflammatory characteristics are popular among athletes and those suffering from problems with joints. Along with high anti-oxidant activity, the product also is used to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Many, including patients of chemotherapy, find the tea reduces nausea and supports liver detoxification. Others choose this tea as a daily drink to lower DHT levels, a hormone identified with problems of the prostate and a cause of baldness.

This mushroom in its pure form has an excellent bioactive profile. The ganoderic acids found in the Reishi mushroom are a type of triterpene and a class of powerful phytochemicals. These are believed to assist some individuals with issues of anxiety, allergies, and liver problems. The enhancements to the immune system are attributed to the presence of beta-glucan, a polysaccharide, which also lowers cholesterol levels.

We advise our customers to check several different recipes for their Reishi tea, as some of the benefits require alcohol extraction rather than water.

It’s Always Quality First at Shaman’s Market

As we noted, the supplies of these wonderfulmushroom powders are limited. This is primarily due to our commitment to uncompromising quality in each of our offerings. We select only those powders from mushrooms cultivated under the strict HACCP aseptic protocol. This allows us to assure you of both the genetics and purity of the products and to offer both Kosher and Organic certifications.

Our sources boasts of decades of experience in providing the finest of medicinal and culinary mushrooms. There is a consistent focus on careful testing to assure you are receiving the exact strain of mushroom for potency and desired outcome. Of course, we offer only those products grown from mycelial biomass.

A cup of tea from either of these mushrooms provides s soothing break during your day.

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