The Beat of The Open Heart


The most powerful aspect of the human heart is openness. In fact, our hearts are always open, it is we that are not open to our hearts. We put up walls, stuff our emotions, and simply ignore the many warnings signs that she presents to us on a continual basis, from emotional confusion (caused from stuffing your emotions) to heart palpitations, and having difficulty catching your breath or shallow breathing.

The heart is always open to you. It is you that must open to her and in doing so you transcend fear. You are not restricted or held prisoner by your fears because you see beyond their futility, and embrace open-ended possibilities. You are bolder with love and compassion. Openness allows you live beyond the narrowness of the ego-self. You see yourself reflected in others and you are more receptive to change.

Beyond personal love there is unconditional love, which is the highest and purest realm of the heart. Unconditional love comes from feeling an inseparable part of the web of life and the miracle of creation. It comes from losing the sense of separateness, narrow mindedness of the ego, and opening up to creating space of infinite possibilities, within your heart.

Of all the different types of love, loving yourself first is the key to success in every realm of the heart and manifesting your every desire.

When we open to our own hearts we allow the past pain and sorrow to be released. So breathe in deeply, take in life, and stop judging yourself. Embrace the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that makes you unique and makes you, well you!

The journey of opening the heart is not a quest of the intellect but one of the heart. The difference is that the heart seeks to be the truth, or be truthful, rather then finding truth somewhere else. In other words, truth is found in your heart. If you listen deeply to it, the heart will never lie because by its nature it is transparent and clear. There is no distortion and no trade-offs. By living more in the heart rather than in your head, you will allow that truthfulness to inspire everything you do in life – work, relationships, and pretty much everything. Above all, it means being true to your real self.

The heart has its own rhythms and beats. When we experience joy and positive emotions, it resonates with the frequency of our heart which activates its power. The heart then is like an entrance for positive vibes. When it receives these vibes and resonates with them, it sends them out all around us, many more times powerfully. We become shining beacons of light, love and positivity. Those around us will also tune their hearts into it and become positively affected. This is why positive people with open hearts are such a magnet to others. They attract the hearts of others to tune into its frequency.

Only the heart is able to trust and let go. The mind is by its own nature inquisitive, contemplative and ‘sticky’. The strength and power of the heart is in having the courage to trust and let go even when the mind clings on to something. This is the driver of real change and happiness. When we trust and listen to our heart, we are activating its most sacred power code. Trust is what turns the impossible into possible, hard into soft, the painful into loving acceptance, and darkness into light. Sharing is also love and love is to be shared.

Image by: Mayur Gala

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