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Flower Essences are vibrationally infused solutions made from living, organic, wild crafted flowers. These essences carry what is known as an “energetic signature” or vibration of the flower that can be transmitted to the user. This energy or vibration can positively influence imbalances within the body or energetic field of the user.

Flower essences convey the specific code or pattern that resides within each flower. All of a plant’s energy is focused in creating this ultimate genetic expression to ensure the continuance of that species. Their beneficial powers come from the life force inherent in the flowers themselves. Through unique, sacred process, the vibrational signature held within the blossom is imprinted in the pure water used to make the essence, thus charging the water with the divine imprint of the flower’s particular characteristics and qualities.

Paracelsus, a great healer of the 16th century, collected dew from flowers to treat his patients. Dr. Edward Bach, a modern pioneer in this field, researched flower essences extensively in the 1930’s, and created the Bach Flower Remedies. It is believed, in the ancient civilization of Lemuria, flower essences were used to promote the evolution of consciousness, as disease was rare.

Recently there has been a resurgence of flower essence research, as the time is approaching for flower essences to be elevated to their destined role as one of the most important of the major healing systems.  We know that releasing the spiritual and medicinal properties stored in the flower is one of the great keys to unfolding the divine plan for planet earth. Flower essences feed your heart and your light body. They balance your energy body, where wellness begins. Flower essences assist in our ability to hold the frequency of ecstasy.

The time is here for flowers to express their healing frequency and assist us in raising our consciousnesses and our own frequencies. We are entering a new age of consciousness. Native American prophecy has called this time “the age of Flowers”. It is said that in this new time, the flowers will become our teachers and healers. Indeed, this is what is happening! Many people are finding flower essences to be one of the most effective healing modalities now available. Flowers are the medicine we need for balance and tone, and for widening the frequency response of the human mind.
The same is true for the Gemstone Essences. Gemstone Essences are elixirs infused with the unique vibrations of specially selected precious and semiprecious gemstones. Each stone carries within its crystalline structure specific vibrational frequencies and attributes that can affect the energetic fields near it. Crystal is the flower of the mineral world, the peak of perfection in matter.  Gemstones and crystals have been used throughout human history for healing and enhancement.



When ingested or applied to the skin, flower essences introduce the energy of a particular plant into the human system. Each essence has its own energetic imprint and area of influence and can help restore balance and harmony to systems destabilized by emotional, mental and physical patterns.

For example:


Sleep Well – SLEEP WELL

Energy Clearing–  CLEARING

You can determine which essences to use by muscle testing (kinesiology), pendulum, reading the definitions, looking at photographs, using your intuition or going to a flower essence practitioner. We find it useful to work with 7 or fewer essences and to use essences that support the same issues; however, we do know folks taking dozens of essences every day and having fabulous results. We have found that all ways work. Do what is most comfortable for you.

Flower & Gem Essences are powerful tools for shifting patters of thought, feeling or behavior by assisting and encouraging our movement towards the positive!  


Essences are usually taken orally: on or under the tongue. Essences may also be used topically, in sprays, in massage oil, added to moisture creams and in baths, and even in nose drops and eye drops. Drops can also be added to your drinking water and sipped throughout the day.


4 to 7  drops on or under the tongue at least 4 times per day or as you are personally guided. Follow your intuition. It is not possible to overdose as the essences are self-regulating.  As part of the process of retraining ourselves to remember the frequencies of harmony, bliss, beauty, peace, love, joy, light and perfect health, it is significant to be mindful of the amount and timing of your essence dosage. This can be a powerful aspect of your healing/shifting process. (But not required.)  It is perfectly fine to mix these essences. Spirit is guiding us to take flower essences often in order to remind ourselves of these frequencies and to learn to maintain them. Take them more often in acute situations. Taking the essences more often is more powerful than taking a greater number of drops. Listen to the inner wisdom of your body and your feelings. (Which, of course, can become clearer with the use of the Essences!)

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