What people are saying about our Nakshatra Essence Collection


As a 20+ year student and practitioner of Vedic Astrology, I am intrigued and impressed by these essences! Seeing the Nakshatra wheel chart with the planet stones in place for my time of birth somehow gave me an insight into several of the nakshatras of my own chart. I felt like I saw some subtle relationships and had a few "aha's ". Then, TAKING the essence for the nakshatra of the day, as well as the combination of all 27, rearranged some molecules and opened awareness that aligned and balanced within me in a subtle yet palpable way. I am thrilled to dive into a relationship with this Nakshatra altar and allow it to inform my awakening.

Bhakti Rinzler 

The Nakshatra Temple Essences are a completely new tool for Vedic astrologers. As a professional astrologer I have been able to give specific Nakshatra remedies to some friends and clients. For difficulties in the birth chart I call these “constitutional remedies”, and for temporary difficult transits I give the necessary essences/remedies to help clients through a difficult patch. So far, I have noticed good results and a few times got wildly enthusiastic feedback.

My own experience with taking the 27 combination remedy was a feeling of intense and immediate blessings for all the work and study I have done in the past on the Nakshatras, a true gift from the heavenly realm. Simultaneously, I experienced a tremendous healing and release of all hardships I may have encountered in the past 10 years or so. I was laughing and crying at the same time for quite a while. Certainly these results were entirely unexpected, immediate and powerful. Words can not express my feelings of gratitude for the blessings of these Nakshatra Temple Essences.

Taking an essence each day as the Moon transits a Nakshatra gives me a clear connection to the particular Star energies and a greater observation of how these energies materialise in the world around us, so I enhance my awareness and knowledge of the Nakshatras each day. Recently I did not sleep well for several nights then I noticed that both the Sun and Mars were in transit in Hasta Nakshatra in my 12th house of sleep, a hot and busy combination. I selected the Nakshatra Essence, took some drops only once, and slept very well since. Very simple and effective.

Madhuri G
1008 Vedic Astrology, Ireland


Holding my Nakshatra Temple Essence bottle of "Ardra" in my left hand one afternoon, I was taken immediately into spacious awareness of the constellations, our star brethren. My energy body quietly aligned. With a drop of the essence placed under my tongue, that alignment moved into active chakra awakening from which state, I journeyed home. What a blessing!


It was truly amazing to meditate with Georgia and the Nakshatra Temple Essences over the course of several weeks in Sedona. Each configuration of the temple essence bottles brought a new and beautiful energy into the room. Meditating in front of the altar while holding the bottles graced my meditations with gentle and exotic energy from India's temples.

Michele Mattix
Founder and meditation instructor at Sedona Meditation Experiences 


Holy WOW! I put a drop of the Ashwini Nakshatra Temple Essence under my tongue and then held the bottle in my left hand. I sat for a few minutes in mediation and after nothing much was stirring in me, I noticed that pressure was building up around my heart. The pressure started to grow and I could feel the old shell on my heart start to break down and release the growing light within. As I surrendered to that experience, I got some extremely clear guidance how these stars can assist me in my work. Such a strong and fluid experience of co-creating with this deep and resonant wisdom.


My name is Deborah and I am a visionary artist, PMT Mesa carrier/shamanic practitioner and bodyworker. In a typical healing session, I set up a crystal grid using the Nakshatra Temple Essences and the Nakshatra wheel. I have clients connect with the temple essence by first holding the bottle in their left hand and then anoint themselves. In some cases, clients hold the bottle throughout our session.

Working in this way has been an amazing experience for me as a healer. I have seen a difference in the client’s ability to feel safe and let go. The grid opens a pristine energetic portal that amplifies the field in my healing room. My clients have reported an ability to access parts of themselves that they have not previously been able to reach and to receive insights and embody wisdom from their guides. These essences are truly powerful medicine! I can honestly say the Nakshatra Temple Essences are amazing at amplifying the energy of crystal grids that I use during my healing sessions with clients, as well as on my PMT Mesa.

Deborah Epstein
Owner of Oasis Healing Arts

Imbibing Revati I found myself bathed in the waters of Pisces allowing my wings to unfold.

Erica J.  


This exquisitely-crafted Purva Bhadrapada elixir connects me to the star systems, offering up a deeper resonance to life.

Joan McDougall 


The Nakshatra Temple Essences are powerful tools for opening dimensional portals. I find them to be of significant value in both my healing practice and my personal journeying.

Chinese Medicine Shaman 


After experiencing these beautiful essences, I have only laudatory comments. The Nakshatra Temple Essences have been gathered with the greatest focused devotion imaginable, their intrepid creator having traveled throughout India to visit all 27 Nakshatra Temples to accomplish this daunting feat. For those who are interested in a deeper experience of lunar and celestial influences, these essences are an aid to promoting more profound meditations.

Devin A. Mikles, MD
Integrative Healthcare Physician  


I am a practicing Vedic Astrologer and teacher for the last 7 years. I am dedicated to ever expanding my knowledge and honing my craft. I traveled on the Nakshatra Temple trip to experience the Nakshatra temples and expand my knowledge of their ancient wisdom. I have been on similar trips to India and know the strong impact that being in the ancient temples can bring to deepen intellectual awareness.

I witnessed Georgia faithfully sit at each temple in meditation with the crystals, orb, and essences no matter the amount of temple activity or the pace of the our schedule. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas and personally share our experiences in the temple energies. I was often asked to share my knowledge of the Nakshatras and Vedic Astrology, and she shared her experience with crystals, opening energetic portals and connecting with esoteric star energies. I meditated with her crystals and felt the energetic presence in them. I even asked for a set of my own. I continue to deepen my energetic and esoteric relationship with the Nakshatras by taking the Temple Essences and meditating with my crystals. It has improved my ability to see the subtle insights and relationships in a natal chart that can be missed by only the rational mind.

William Surface
Jytotish Visharada, CVA
Certified Vedic Astrologer 



What people are saying about our Nakshatra Wheel Divination Kit...


Before working with the Nakshatra Astrology Wheel, I struggled with finding something tangible that would give me a physical representation of what was happening in the sky and how it was influencing me. For many years I’ve studied my natal chart as well as my transits (initiatory cycles) and have only been able to intuit and then discern the feeling. I wanted to have a way to see, touch, and understand what the celestial alignments feel like in my body. The Nakshatra Astrological Wheel provides me the ability to use all of my senses as well as my knowledge as a Certified Shamanic Astrologer to determine the subtleties of the energy that I’m working with. I have also used the wheel for ceremonial purposes energizing crystals and essences with intentions. This wheel would work well as a learning tool for someone without experience in astrology as it brings the conceptual information into a form.

Since working with the Nakshatra Astrological Wheel I have a much better understanding of the Nakshatras and how cycles are working in my life. This assists me with flowing with the energies and cycles versus swimming upstream against the currents, making my life much easier. I feel that many others could benefit from using the Nakshatra Astrological Wheel. I only used it for a short while and see many creative and informative ways that is can be used to enhance my life.

Carol Rydell
Feminine Mentor & Catalyst for Conscious Change 


As an intermediate Western Astrologer and a novice Vedic Astrologer, the Vedic Nakshatra Wheel is a very useful tool to deepen my understanding of this system. It feels much richer than using a hand drawn chart and allows me to connect to the energies at play in a more prescientific way. To use the stones as planetary symbols and to see the transit wheel interacting with my Natal placement really allows me to see the energetic aspects with much more clarity. It’s really fantastic!!

Shamanic Practitioner and Retired Corporate Executive